Private Session Training

Private Session Training is one of the services we offer.  Private Sessions are designed to work on the specific behaviors you wish to train in a one on one setting. During these sessions trainers focus on you, your dog, and the specific needs to make you and your dog a better team.

Private Session Training can include but is not limited to:

Puppy Care
Separation Anxiety
Resource Guarding
Therapy Dog
Personal Service Dog
Pet Manners
Temperament Evaluations
And Much More!
To schedule a private session with one of our trainers, call 260.344.1217 or email

5 thoughts on “Private Session Training

  1. Hello my name is Elaina,

    Can you help? I have a mixed German Shepard/Border Collie who has severe anxiety with multiple triggers. Loud noises, storms, even just heavy rain without thunder! Also not good with other dogs. We have a sister as well and she is fine with all previously mentioned, and he seems to be getting worse! My contact phone# 812-595-4947.

  2. Hi, my name is Jenn… I need some advice… we got a pitbull a year ago January she is just over a year old we have raised her to be the biggest baby in the world. She is so loving, good with kids and other dogs. Just recently we adopted Isis which is a 3 year old pitbull. For the first few weeks they gkt along really good with no issues. Isis then every once in a while would get verbally aggressive with sheba. This week sheba went to vet to get spayed. Since then Isis has gotten worse… she wont let sheba eat, get in the bed and barely will let my husband and I play with her. Isis has not physically hurt sheba but I am afraid it might happen. Sheba hets so scared she curls up in a ball or will go to the cage and hide. It takes a lot just to get her in the door from potting. We really dont want to get rid of isis. Is there some classes or training we could try before we try to find another home for her??

  3. We have an 11 week old beagle puppy who is suffering from severe separation anxiety when we put him in his kennel. We are trying to crate train him at night and when we are gone. With the help of treats, he will sometimes get into his kennel on his own, but most of the time, this does not happen. As soon as we close the door, he is carrying on as if someone is trying to kill him, screaming, barking, howling, and this goes on for at least 45-60min each time we put him in the kennel. We have tried numerous things including thundershirt, calming collar, kong, various rawhides and toys, blanket covering the kennel, nothing is helping. We are not getting much sleep at night and this needs to stop. I also think that if he was more comfortable in his kennel and could tolerate it, it would help with potty training. I was wondering how much one on one sessions cost or if you have a class that would be helpful and how much that costs? Thanks!

    • I have a puppy class on Tuesday nights. The class began last week but we could meet early and get you caught up. The six week class is 135.00 and meets at 7:00 at Unity Church on Crescent Ave. I would also recommend a home visit to get immediate help with the crate training. The cost for a home visit is $60.00 plus mileage (from SW Fort Wayne) and I could possibly come in the next few days. Please call me with any questions or to schedule the class or a home visit.

      Beth Hough

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