Tricks to Impress Registration

To send in registration form please copy, paste, and fill out entire form in an email and email to OR print off this page, fill out, and mail to:

Canine Companion by Certified Trainers

11742 N. 825 W.

Huntington, IN 46750

CANINE COMPANION Tricks to Impress Registration Form


Date:         __________________________________________

Owner’s Name:     __________________________________________

Address:                __________________________________________


Phone (Home):      _______________________ (Work)____________

Phone (Cell):         _______________________

E-mail address:    __________________________________________

Dog’s name:         ____________________ D.O.B.     ____________

Breed/s:                 ____________________ Gender:  ____________

Regular Vet:                    ____________________ Phone #: ____________

Date of vaccinations:     ____________________________________

(if alternative measures have been taken, please explain)

When and with whom did your dog take his/her first class?

Goals you wish to accomplish with your dog in the next six weeks of class:

  1.     ____________________________________________________________
  2.     ____________________________________________________________
  3.     ____________________________________________________________
  4.     ____________________________________________________________

Is there any additional information you feel is important for us to know about your dog