Dog I

This class is for the dog of six months and older who has never taken a training class before.  The owner will learn how to precisely signal his dog’s correct response with a small hand-held “clicker” and reward the behavior and repeat the desired behavior.  Obedience exercises such as sit, stand, down, and stay are introduced, as are loose-leash walking, polite greetings, “leave-it”, attention and the really reliable recall – skills crucial to the pet dog living in our society.  The owner will gain a better understanding of what dogs need and can be expected to achieve through discussions of how to positively approach conundrums that arise with dogs in the household. Class Requirements Tasty treats and a willingness to spend a few minutes each day with your puppy or dog. Do NOT purchase any new equipment prior to the first night of class, we will offer equipment recommendations based on our experience of what works best.

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Starting the Loose Lead Walk Using the Clicker and Treats