Dogs II

This class follows Dog I and Puppy II.   The dog will gain much more self-control and confidence by working through a variety of distractions, thereby strengthening behaviors he has previously learned.  He will learn to focus on his owner even when food (or a favorite toy!) is on the floor beside them and then “leave it” to follow the owner when asked.  He will practice proper greeting behavior under a variety of circumstances, longer sit- and down-stays, and he will continue to succeed in reliably recalling even when the environment beckons.  Owners help shape this course by suggesting behaviors they would like to work on during their set of classes.

Class Requirements
Tasty treats and a willingness to spend a few minutes each day with your puppy or dog. Do NOT purchase any new equipment prior to the first night of class, we will offer equipment recommendations based on our experience of what works best.

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Columbia City

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Day Time Classes

Dogs II Registration

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Owner Out of Sight for the Recall

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Loose Lead Walk with Distractions of Other Dogs and Steps