Susan Sharpe

On September 28th, 2013, Susan lost her battle with liver cancer and went to be with all the dogs she has loved throughout the years. 

Susan has always made animals a substantial part of her life. In addition to her ongoing work with animals, she has continued her education through such programs as Purdue’s Principles & Techniques of Behavior Modification course, which deals with Canine Development, Social Structure, and prevention of behavior problems, including aggression. She has successfully completed Bob & Marian Bailey’s beginning through advanced Operant Conditioning course. Susan is also Indiana’s only certified Tellington Touch practitioner (2-yr. certification course) and has attended numerous seminars and workshops to further her skills. Susan is a Certified Dog Trainer with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has served as a volunteer board member of the Huntington County Humane Society. Her training experience includes Puppy Development, Canine Obedience, Article Search, Obstacle Course, Tracking, Drug Detection and Personal Protection, Agility, Therapy and Service Dog Training, Problem Behavior Modification (including Pet Manners through Aggression).  Susan has been an expert witness for canine behavior in both state and federal court.

A long time study of canine anxieties, she currently holds two patents.  She is the inventor and patent holder of the Anxiety Wrap® and the Calming Face Wrap™, which are sold worldwide. Therapeutic wraps calm dogs and cats, and can be used to lessen and/or end anxiety caused by thunderstorms, separation anxiety, car travel anxiety, general anxieties, and much more. Susan invented the entire category of pressure wraps in 2001. You may have heard Susan on the radio giving expert pet advice or have read her articles in local and national newspapers and magazines.  Susan has authored canine training manuals in addition to instructing online behavioral classes in order to share information with a larger audience around the world.  She is also an instructor for Emergency Pet Care for the American Red Cross.


Beth Hough CPDT-KA(with Sunny)

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Beth was working at a large financial institution, working her way toward a supervisor position, when one day, she looked into her boss’s office and realized that is where she would be in a few years. She quickly decided that it was not where she wanted to be. She knew she wanted to pursue a different career path, and quit her job a short time later.

After taking a job at a veterinary clinic and enrolling at IPFW, she earned her degree in environmental studies. But through a problem dog of her own and the access she had to the veterinary field, she developed an interest in animal behavior and began reading veterinary journals and attending veterinary conferences to help her understand her own dogs. What started as a hobby developed into a career.

She is a graduate of the Purdue University DOGS! course, a member of the Society of Veterinarian Behavior Technicians and is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She continues to work as a veterinary assistant, which enables her to attend many Veterinary Behavior seminars. It also gives her the opportunity to observe and counsel on a wide range of animal behaviors.


 Janis Crary-CPDT-KA(with Ava)

Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Janis Crary grew up on a farm in Spring Green, Wisconsin, surrounded by cats, dogs, cows and other animals. Whenever she saw a service dog, something tugged at her heart strings. Retiring after 30 yrs. from GTE (now Verizon), she became a volunteer with Fort Wayne’s  Animal Care and Control, where she has been for the past twelve years.  Her job duties include the lost and found area, welcoming of guests in the adoption area, and dog and cat adoption counseling.  She even fosters kittens and puppies while donating her time and skills as a trainer in their Head Start program.  Still her heart strings were being tugged, which led to the adoption of a German Shepherd, Ava, with the intention of training her to be a therapy dog.  This training was successfully completed in October 2006 through Canine Companion.  As a working therapy dog team, Jan and Ava visit Sacred Heart Nursing Home in Avilla, IN, weekly.  They enjoying the smiles and laughter as Ava receives hugs from residents and staff.  Janis was so impressed with how Positive Reinforcement Training works, she began studying to become a certified trainer with Canine Companion.  Janis now teaches Puppy Development, Canine Pet Manners, Behavior Modification, Private Instruction and Therapy Dog classes. Mainly teaching at our Columbia City location, she accepts private behavior modification appointments as well. Janis wants everyone to remember, “A dog is never too old to learn something new… and neither are humans.”


 Debbie Bryant (with Tyson)

Debbie attended Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, and moved to Indiana in 1997.  She joined Canine Companion by Certified Trainers in 2009.  A natural with dogs, Debbie teaches Puppy Development, Canine Pet Manners, and heads up Canine Companion’s Therapy Dog organization and does evaluations through Therapy Dog Inc.  She mainly instructs classes at the Huntington Training Center, but also accepts private appointments.  Debbie and her dog, Tyson, a Boxer (2004 to 2011), served their local communities as a therapy dog team. Tyson was awarded Pathfinder’s first non-human recipient “Community Partner’s Award” in 2011.  Debbie’s hobby is competing in Agility with her French Bulldog, Chloe.  Chloe is also a certified therapy dog, and volunteers in the community as well.  Debbie resides in Wabash, IN, with her husband, Gary, and Chloe and the most recent addition, another French Bulldog rescue named Soja.

Jean Jennings grew up in the small town of Andrews Indiana.  Her love for animals started at a young age.  She had a raccoon as a constant companion at the age of 5 (not sure what her parents were thinking – but they were the best of friends).  Her first training success was two gerbils (they would come running when she would whistle).   Her first dog training experience was in 1995, when she adopted a Dalmatian that had many issues.  She bought videos and learned what she could about teaching him to behave.  But, back then, positive reinforcement wasn’t spoken about.  So she bought the choke collar and set out to train her dog.  But her heart broke every time her sweet dog would choke himself.  She decided a better option was to remove him from the situation if there was a problem.  She had some success but knew there had to be a better way.  Then in October of 2006 she adopted a little Papillion puppy named Bonaparte (Bones for short).  He was completely out of control, but the most loveable thing ever.  She set out to find the gentlest training possible.  That’s when she met Susan Sharpe and learned all of the benefits of Positive Reinforcement Training.  Bones became a therapy dog in 2007 and spent many hours being read to at libraries, going to nursing homes, and being involved in fun dog shows.  Sadly, Bones passed in 2013.  He had a Border collie sister, named Josephine (Josie), who was adopted in 2007 and became a therapy dog in 2008.  Josie continues to use her Positive Reinforcement Training to bring joy to many people, and has also used it to learn how to run agility.

Jean is on the board of directors for the Huntington County Humane Society.  She transports animals, for spay and neuter, works with the staff to train and evaluate dogs, and helps out – where needed- when shorthanded.

Jean has been a trainer with Canine Companion since 2010.  She teaches Puppy Development, Canine Pet Manner, Behavior Modification, and Private Instruction.  Mainly teaching at our Huntington location.



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