Puppy II

This class is available to the puppy who has successfully participated in a positive-reinforcement puppy class that includes off-leash socialization within the past six months and who is under one year of age.  During this class the pup will practice strengthening his attention to the owner, proper greeting behaviors to both dogs and humans, more precise sits and downs, loose leash walking, down- and sit-stays, “leave-it” and a recall that is truly reliable.  There will be off-leash playtime to keep social and interactive skills fresh and positive.

Class Requirements
Tasty treats and a willingness to spend a few minutes each day with your puppy or dog. Do NOT purchase any new equipment prior to the first night of class, we will offer equipment recommendations based on our experience of what works best.

Puppy Training Videos

For information on when the next classes begin, send an email to info@caninecompanion.us.

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