THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!!!!!  This has been a God send.  We are still working on it but it has provided us so much more knowledge & Cameo (our dog) is responding very well;)  Now….. She loves to catch the cat.  Indoors and outdoors.  But I mostly want to control the indoor behavior.  Cameo will be a yr old tomorrow & the cats are 2 & 7.  Cameo isn’t mean with them, but wants to play & “slap” them back when they slap her.  She’s a lab/shep/border collie type mix????  (60 lbs)  So I’m afraid she will hurt the cat by playing too rough.  I truly enjoy & look forward to your articles in the Htng FreePress.  Do you offer classes?  Cameo has her CGC award but would possibly be interested in other classes in the future.  Bob & Dawn Blubaugh